The Assessment of Basic Language & Learning Skills (ABLLS) 2006 Revised Edition

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by James W. Partington

The Assessment of Basic Language & Learning Skills (ABLLS) 2006 Revised Edition

The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, 2006 Revised Edition,(ABLLS) is an assessment, curriculum guide, and skills tracking system for children with language delays. The ABLLS contains a task analysis of the many skills necessary to communicate successfully and to learn from everyday experiences.

The ABLLS is comprised of two separate documents: The ABLLS Scoring Instructions and IEP Development Guide (The ABLLS Guide) , and The ABLLS Protocol that is used to record scores for each child.

The ABLLS Guide provides instructions for scoring The ABLLS Protocol and for completing the skills tracking grids for an individual student. The ABLLS Guide also provides strategies to assist parents, educators and other professionals to use the information obtained from the completed assessment protocol to develop an effective Individualized Education Program (IEP) for the child.

The ABLLS Protocol provides both parents and professionals with criterion-referenced information regarding a child’s current skills, and provides a curriculum that can serve as a basis for the selection of educational objectives. The ABLLS Protocol also includes a set of grids that comprise a skills tracking system that make it possible to observe and document the child’s progress in the acquisition of critical skills. The ABLLS Protocol is only available as part of an introductory two-book set (The ABLLS Guide and The ABLLS Protocol), and to registered owners of The ABLLS Guide.