Welcome to the Autism Section

The Autism Section of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies web site presents a scientific view of the causes of Autism and the Applied Behavior Analysis approach to its treatment.

The Aims of this Section

  • To bring together knowledge and resources that have been accumulated:
    • about causes and etiology of autism and related pervasive developmental disabilities
    • about diagnosis and characteristics of persons with autism
    • about intervention procedures, methods and programs
  • To explain how to use scientific thinking and methods in everyday work
  • To evaluate claims
  • To interpret and adapt research to individual needs and circumstances
  • To monitor progress and thus continually improve ongoing interventions
  • To report new findings as they become available with emphasis upon “findings,” not personal opinions
  • To present information that has been obtained from objective results and subjected to experimental validation. If we cannot find information that meets those criteria, we will say so and try to avoid spreading unsubstantiated opinions
  • To present information as clearly as we can to make the information accessible to a wide audience

This Section is Intended For…

    • People with a personal interest in autism: parents, siblings, other relatives, friends, neighbors and advocates
    • People with professional interests in autism: medical practitioners, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech pathologists and others who contribute to research and the provision of effective services
    • Students and others entering the arena of research and intervention in autism

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