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What is Precision Teaching?

Since 1990 the Standard Celeration Society (SCS) has comprised a collegial organization for all persons who use Standard Celeration Charts to monitor and change human behavior frequencies. The Society’s mission is to enable measurement of learning and performance to better understand, manage, and improve the well-being of individuals, organizations and the world. The Society’s heritage lies greatly in Precision Teaching and its founder Ogden R. Lindsley. The SCS has been focusing its efforts on building a sustainable organization. With the committed work of the Board of Directors and an incredible volunteer force of a President, ten Vice Presidents, Associate VPs and committee members, we are making great strides towards that aim. The Society has always encouraged the development and growth of a science of human behavior and learning and promoted using the Standard Celeration Chart to further that objective. Visit to learn about member benefits, special-interest tracks, our annual conference, and so much more.

Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley, Founder of Precision Teaching

A Brief History of Precision Teaching

The Effects of Precision Teaching with Frequency Building of Fine Motor Skills on the Performance of Functional Life Skills in Adolescents and Adults with Autism


Our Executive Director, Dr. Rob Holdsambeck, would like to share two important resources for those that need to stay informed during this challenging time. One utilizes the Standard Celeration Chart.



​Behavioral science can be a part of your toolkit to prevent infections in your workplace. In these extremely challenging times, our experts are sharing some behavioral tips for optimizing your work environment for virus infection prevention.

Journal of Precision Teaching and Celeration

This peer-reviewed (refereed) journal was a primary outlet for discoveries and practices being developed by chart users and precision teachers from 1980 to 2010. This archive contains a wealth of information, research, and insights directly from practitioners and scholars who used the standard celeration chart as their primary measurement and decision-making tool. Peruse it and you’re bound to find something of interest.

Dr. Carl Binder presents Dr. Norris Haring with award.

Dr Hank Pennypacker Presents the Standard Celeration Chart Part 1

Handbook of the Standard Celeration Chart

Handbook of the Standard Celeration Chart

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