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Search viagra find edinburgh pages - Generic shop viagra

by O. Ivar Lovaas

The long awaited sequel to teaching Developmentally Disabled Children: The Me Book has finally arrived! Following in the legacy of his earlier classic book, O. Ivar Lovaas, director of the Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention, has skillfully brought together his important ideas and those of other renowned experts to provide an essential resource in the field of autism and developmental disabilities. Based on proven practices, teaching individuals with Developmental Delays offers detailed descriptions of current programs and addresses the critical issues related to developmental disabilities for professionals of Special Education, Law, and Psychology. The book has the following sections:

  • Basic Concepts—Diagnosis, Behavior Delays, Behavior Excesses, and Typical Behaviors; The Continuity Model, Alternatives to Diagnoses; Evaluation of Behavioral Treatment; Preparatory Steps; Excessive Tantrums and Self-Injurious Behavior; Motivational Problems; Attentional Problems
  • Transition to Treatment—Establishing Cooperation and Tantrum Reduction; Summary of the Basic Treatment Step; Introduction to Matching and Imitation; Matching and Sorting; Nonverbal Imitation; Introduction to Language Programs; Early Receptive Language
  • Early Learning Concepts—Discrimination Learning; Receptive Identification of Objects; Receptive Identification of Behaviors; Early Play Skills; Arts and Crafts; Self-help Skills
  • Expressive Language—Verbal Imitation; Expressive Labeling of Objects; Expressive Labeling of Behaviors; Early Abstract Language; Early Grammar; Prepositions; Emotions
  • Strategies for Visual Learners—Reading and Writing; Communication Strategies; Making Treatment Gains; Involving Parents in Treatment; Data Collection; Considerations in Selecting Consultation for Home-Based Programs; Common Problems in teaching
  • Programmatic Consideration—Strategies for Creating an Early Intervention, Parent Support Organization; The Blueprint for Obtaining a Free and Appropriate Public Education for Your Preschool-Aged Autistic or PDD Children; Notes from the Front: The Current Wave in ABA Litigation; Pyramid Building; Clarifying Comments on the UCLA Young Autism Project

A valuable resource for professionals who:

  • Teach teachers
  • Teach students with autism or other developmental delays
  • Advocate for students and their parents
  • Develop policy and programs
  • Work with paraprofessionals working with students
  • Work with parents of children with autism and developmental delays

2002 / 429 pages / $61.00
ISBN 0890798893 / paper