Sale – 50% reduction! Amorous Turkeys and Addicted Ducklings



by Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Hoffman narrates to us the high points of 15 years of experimental and theoretical investigation of the primary social bond. How do ducklings, chicks, monkeys, and our own little babies form their very first attachments? Why is it important for us to know this? In telling the story of his long devotion to students, laboratory subjects, and data, he brings out aspects of science that are rarely spoken of. He makes the doing of research come alive, sharing with us the fun and frustrations of the laboratory, the pride of accomplishment, the fear of error, the personal friendships, and the personality clashes. He presents his own theoretical positions strongly but treats differing viewpoints with respect. All in all, Hoffman’s account shows the scientific life to be a good life, and he himself emerges as an excellent model.
ISBN 0-9623311-7-1 (1996) 194 p. (paper)
Published by Authors Cooperative, Inc.