Right from the Start – Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism 2nd Edition

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by Sandra L. Harris and Mary Jane Weiss

This informative and user-friendly guide helps parents of young children with autism and related disorders and their service providers explore programs that use early intensive behavioral intervention. In this proven educational method based on applied behavior analysis, each behavior is broken into its components and taught step by step, with each small gain rewarded with appropriate feedback. Within these programs, many children make substantial improvement in intellectual, social, and adaptive functioning, enabling them to move on to regular preschools and elementary schools. The greatest benefits are for children age five and younger, but older children, too, can benefit.

The various early intervention models ranging from center-based treatment programs available at universities, public schools, and private schools to home-based programs are described. Additionally, components of programs are compared including: curriculum; teacher-to-student ratio; inclusion; transitioning; family involvement; and professional credentials.

Case studies, discussions of research findings, parent statements, and the authors. frequent reminders to maintain a healthy skepticism further aid parents in finding or setting up a program that meets the unique needs of their child and family. Professionals who provide services to these families can use this book for assistance in implementing their own program, or to evaluate the effectiveness of an existing one.

2007 / 175 pages / $18.95
ISBN 1-890627-02-X / paper

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