Preschool Education Programs for Children with Autism

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by Sandra Harris and Jan Handleman

Preschool Education Programs for Children with Autism is written for special education teachers, school administrators, child-study team members, psychologists, speech therapists, and advocates and parents who are concerned about the education of preschool-age children with autism. It will be especially helpful to persons who are considering creating a classroom to serve these children or persons interested in ensuring that the services they currently offer meet state-of-the-art criteria.

In creating this book, 10 distinguished service providers from a variety of programs for children with autism were asked to address a set of questions concerning the structure, financing, staffing, assessment procedures, curriculum, and support services of their program. In addition, each author discussed what he or she viewed as important unresolved issues in the education and treatment of autism in the preschool years. Although each chapter follows a similar format, each chapter is unique because every program differs and every program has a special focus to offer the reader.

2008 / 252 pages / $39.95
ISBN 1416402578 / paper