Parents Are Teachers: A Child Management Program

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by Wesley C. Becker

This book provides an extremely effective and easy-to-understand child management program. It stresses the importance of using clear instructions and positive consequences in teaching appropriate behavior to young children. Each chapter is followed by a brief summary of major points and a set of helpful exercises. Often used as the participant’s manual for parent training groups.
Table of Contents
How to Use This Program
Unit 1 Consequences: Reinforcers and Punishers
Unit 2 Kinds of Reinforcers and Punishers
Unit 3 When to Reinforce
Unit 4 Using Stronger Reinforcers
Unit 5 Reinforcement and Punishment in Everyday Life
Unit 6 Why Parents (and Teachers) Goof: The Criticism Trap
Unit 7 How to Reinforce
Unit 8 Punishment: When to, How to, and Why Not to, Usually
Unit 9 Reasons, Rules, and Reminders
Unit 10 Your Child’s Personality and You
Answers to Exercises
Published by Research Press
ISBN 0-878220-19-4 (paper) 200 p.