Measure of a Leader

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do my statistics homework for me With American business facing a leadership crisis and top corporate executives being replaced at a rate of one per day, Aubrey Daniels and James Daniels introduce readers to a bold and proven new way to measure and pursue leadership, Measure of a Leader.


motivator essay Based on over 30 years of pioneering work with the world’s leading organizations, Daniels and Daniels explain how anyone can increase their leadership impact by becoming a critical observer of human behavior. By demonstrating how to recognize and measure the effect of their actions on followers, the authors provide readers with valuable, scientifically-proven methods for increasing their leadership impact, including how to:
  • Build leadership skills that leave a legacy
  • Inspire others to go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Create profitable habits and optimize performance at every level of an organization

follow link Measure of a Leader’s solutions are rooted in Daniels’ twelve measures, indicators that provide the best possible forecast of a leader’s impact on the growth of the business, on the customers and the marketplace, and on his or her legacy. The measures are presented in four key categories:

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  • Momentum: Followers responding positively to the leader’s direction
  • Commitment: Followers focused on the leader’s goals
  • Initiative: Followers working together
  • Reciprocity: Followers collectively working with the leader

enter site Measure of a Leader is an indispensable resource for any aspiring leader and a lasting solution to the leadership debacle threatening American business.

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