Behavioral Treatment of Autistic Children – DVD

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watch Award-winning film (Original in VHS) of Ivar Lovaas’s then 25 years of research at UCLA. Describes controlled experimental, longitudinal investigation and introduces treatment concepts. Shows treated children before and after. Following this experimental investigation, nine out of nineteen formerly autistic children were indistinguishable from typically developing adolescents. The other ten showed substantial improvements. This video does not teach treatment techniques.

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technology research papers The following references provide more detailed information on the results summarized in this video: Lovaas, O. I. (1987). Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young autistic children. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 55, pages 3-9.

go site Lovaas & Smith (1988). Intensive behavioral treatment for young autistic children. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, Vol II, pages 285-323.

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source McEachin, J. J., Smith, T. & Lovaas, O. I., (1993). Long-term outcome for children with autism who received early intensive behavioral treatment. American Journal on Mental Retardation, Vol. 97, pages 359 – 372.
(video, 43 min.)