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by Harold L. Cohen & James Filipczak

From the Foreword:
A New Learning Environment describes a different kind of social environment in a training school. It reports an experiment in ‘contingency management’ under which students were given positive reasons for behaving well with respect to each other and for studying and learning. It was not easy to construct such an environment. Indeed the practical problems were often staggering. But solutions were found, in part with the help of the art which springs from a humane concern for people and in part through the application of a technology derived from a science of behavior. The result- the CASE project at the National Training School for Boys – may well take its place as a landmark in penal reform. B. F. Skinner

From the Authors’ Preface:
By including the systems and programs used throughout the project, with specific examples, we hope to encourage the reader to examine his own existing educational system in the light of specified behavioral objectives and measurement. We are convinced that the motivationally oriented environment would be of value not only to rehabilitation institutions (penal and mental) but also to the educational and psychological professions.
Strong indications that the principles employed in CASE II could be effective in the public school system are found in the increases by as much as four grade levels – in academic skills as measured by nationally standardized tests, in positive attitudinal changes in the students, and in IQ as much as 27 points.

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