“It was great to be able to spend the day attending an online conference! I have attended this conference in person for a few years now, and this is definitely different; but in a good way 🙂   I’m just happy they were still able to conduct it!”

We are so thankful for this and all of the other wonderful comments made both during the event and submitted through the evaluations last night. It was a great day yesterday and ABAC’s team made sure that the day ran smoothly despite Dr. Allen not being able to present due to a power outage at the hotel he went to because his home had no power or internet.
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For those that are going to view the conference via recording:
  • When you login to the conference portal to view the recordings, make sure to read through the first section. There is important information about the change to the event and how that will impact the CE certificate you will receive.
  • We are going to record Dr. Allen’s event and create an add-on conference portal which will drop in your course list on the ABAC website as soon as it is done. Once the recording is completed, Adrienne will add it to that portal. You will receive a separate certificate for Dr. Allen’s event.
For those that attended live:

There were close to 170 folks that attended live with about 155 spending the full day with us. Of those, about 50 folks had tech issues checking out after the event. Adrienne Fitzer from ABAC collected data through the evening and worked with the developers to determine what problems people were having. Based on the information she collected, the main issues were:

  1. Some folks made errors on the code submission form and could not correct their answer. (Solution found)
  2. Dr. Allen’s codes were still required to check out (Solution found)
  3. Based on online research paper provided by Dr. Allen the code must be reconsidered.
  4. About 38 folks could not submit the course due to a pop up that told them they had to check out of a section in the conference portal that was not in the portal. (Solution found).
  5. Individuals that needed two certificates for BA and Psychologist could only download one (Solution found)
  6. One individual successfully checked out but no certificate was found in their achievement tab (Solution pending).

To better assist those that need help, we have created a form for anyone who has technical issues. Adrienne will group the folks that had specific issues and send them directions on the next steps. Please fill this out even if you are currently working with Adrienne via email so she has an accurate count and can best serve everyone in a timely manner.

Fill out Technical Issues Survey