Stimulus Equivalent Classes
Early Stimulus Equivalence Research
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Stimulus Equivalent Classes

source site Did you know that the earliest research on go stimulus equivalent classes by Dr. Murray Sidman and his colleagues began in Massachusetts in the 1960s to treat persons with brain injury with severe aphasia?

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Early Stimulus Equivalence Research “In addition to instances of word-reference equivalence that can be culled from everyday experience, we have seen some striking examples in some of our laboratory studies of aphasic patients. Although these observations were published in the same year as our first equivalence paper, they actually antedated that work by more than ten years, but even after we had started our direct experimental attack on equivalence phenomena, the significance of the earlier data took a while to sink in. Those data should have made us take a closer look.” (Sidman, 1994: From Equivalence Relations and Behavior: A Research Story) The significance of this early research can be seen in the collection of Sidman’s research on the following pages. Back to Top

Sidman & Stimulus Equivalence Relations Bibliography

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Sidman & Stimulus Equivalence Relations Archive

enter Scanning Patterns in Aphasic Patients During Matching-to-Sample Tests
Howard Kirshner and Murray Sidman Some Determinants of Visual Neglect
Jonathan Leicester, Murray Sidman, Lawrence T. Stoddard, and Jay P. Mohr

can t write essay The Nature of Aphasic Responses
J. Leicester, M. Sidman, L.T. Stoddard and J.P. Mohr

go Aphasia: Behavioral Aspects
J.P. Mohr and Murray Sidman

get cialis no prescription Right Hemianopia with Memory and Color Deficits in Circumscribed Left Posterior Cerebral Artery Territory Infarction
J.P. Mohr, M.D., J. Leicester, M.D., L.T. Stoddard, Ph.D., and M. Sidman, Ph.D. Evolution of the Deficit in Total Aphasia
J.P. Mohr, M.D., M. Sidman, Ph.D., L.T. Stoddard, Ph.D., J. Leicester, M.D. and P.B. Rosenberger, M.D.

how to write a master's thesis in computer science Some Additional Quantitative Observations of Immediate Memory in a Patient with Bilateral Hippocampal Lesions
M. Sidman, L.T. Stoddard and J.P. Mohr Back to Top