Behavioral Technology Today
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Interteaching to Increase Active Student Responding and Differentiate Instruction
Lee L. Mason, The University of Texas at San Antonio


The Likelihood of Instructionally Beneficial, Trivial, or Negative Results for Kindergarten and First Grade Learners Who Complete at Least Half of Headsprout® Early Reading
Janet S. Twyman, University of Massachusetts Medical School/Shriver Center, T.V. Joe Layng, and Zachary R. Layng, Headsprout®


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fortune or Lessons Learned During the 25 Years of Trying to Transfer a Behavioral Technology.
H.S. Pennypacker, University of Florida and Mammatech Corporation


The Deaccelerator: Editors Note

The Deaccelerator: A Behavioral Solution to Highway Speeding
Richard Schulman, Ph.D.


Basketball and the Matching Law
Jason Bourret and Timothy R. Vollmer, The University of Florida

Headsprout Early Reading™: Reliably Teaching Children to Read
T.V. Joe Layng, Ph.D., Janet S. Twyman, Ph.D., Greg Stikeleather, MA


The Cumulative Record as a Management Tool
Lewis H. Weber, Wolf Camera


Changing the Corporate Culture at Chevron
Darry Callahan, Chevron Chemical Company and Timothy V. Nolan, The Continuous Learning Group, Inc.