Verplanck Glossary/Thesaurus with Psychology on a Disk and Sociology on a Disk CD-ROM



by William S. Verplanck

The first published version of William S. Verplanck’s Glossary/Thesaurus project appeared in a 1957 supplement to the Psychological Review: A glossary of some terms used in the Objective Science of Behavior, Volume 64, #6, Part II. Verplanck has since increased the size of his glossary to well beyond 3,000 terms, and an expandable web version is under development by Verplanck and an editorial committee in cooperation with the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies ( and the Archives of the History of American Psychology, University of Akron ( The fully developed version will allow the addition of new terms, commentary on existing terms, and the linking of terms to those in other glossaries.

In the interim, CMS Software is privileged to make available both the 1957 and the 2000 versions of the Verplanck Glossary/Thesaurus, in rich text format, as a component of its CD-ROM edition of Psychology on a Disk and Sociology on a Disk. The glossary is searchable by term or by thesaurus index number. Both scholars and students will find Verplanck’s definitions and commentaries on a broad range of terms in the behavioral sciences not only scholarly and informative but also incisive and witty. As it stands, the Glossary organizes virtually the entire field of psychology from a behavioral perspective. It will continue to grow once it is in place on the web. Meanwhile, here is the current version, conveniently accessible on a single CD-ROM disk.
ISBN 0-922077-30-4