Life’s a PIC/NIC …when you understand behavior

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cialis mit rezept by Aubrey C. Daniels and Alice D. Lattal

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cause and effect essay outline Written from the authors’ decades of experience, LIFE’S A PIC/NIC® …when you understand behavior shows how to bring out the best in people through the application of the optimistic science of behavior and its demonstrated truth about the unlimited potential of human beings. It introduces a decision-making method called the PIC/NIC® to help readers understand behavior and its causes. It is an example-rich account across varied challenges at home, work and the larger society about how to shape a better world, both conceptually and in practice. It describes how to go beyond the limiting biases of our particular histories to make better decisions about our own and others’ behavior. It lets the reader know that when you understand behavior, you are not captive of your past because you know how to shape a different future — that, in fact, human potential in almost all ways is unlimited.

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petraeus harm cialis Case studies illustrate how these principles, used in positive ways, can accelerate learning, adding significant value in all walks of life while at the same time providing ideas about reducing the use of threat, fear, and punishment in managing others.

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ISBN 13 978-1-59738-080-5


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Pages 124

Publish Date 2017

Publisher Sloan Publishing