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Natural viagra herbs, Genuine viagra

by Ellen P. Reese (1965)

Behavior Theory in Practice is a set of four color videos (Parts I-IV), each part approximately 21 minutes in length. Each individual Part presents basic behavior principles in the laboratory and examples of the presence and use of those principles in a variety of everyday settings with a variety of species. These were professionally produced in 1965 by Charter Oak Studios in New York, and were written and directed by Dr. Ellen Reese at Mt. Holyoke College, Massachusetts. The narration is simple, elegant, and surprisingly comprehensive. Although the film was made in 1965 the dress of the participants or other features of the material is not at all detracting, The quality of the video is excellent and the content exceptionally instructive. There are no comparable videos available. Titles of the four tapes are: Part I: Respondent and Operant Behavior; Part II: Shaping Various Operants in Various Species; Part III: Generalization; Discrimination and Motivation; Part IV: Sequences of Behavior.

This video contains Part I (Respondent and Operant Behavior) and Part II (Shaping Various Operants in Various Species).

(video, 43 minutes)
For home use only.