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  1. Spotlighted Article: An experimental analysis of gender-biased verbal behavior and self-editing using an online chat analog (Oda, Lechago, Silva, & Hunt, 2022)
  2. A look in the mirror: How the field of behavior analysis can become anti-racist (Levy et al., 2021)
  3.  A systematic review of cultural adaptations in the global application of ABA-based telehealth services (Sivaraman & Fahmie, 2020)
  4.  Actively addressing systemic racism using a behavioral community approach (Watson-Thompson et al., 2022)
  5. An experimental analysis of gender-biased verbal behavior and self-editing using an online chat analog (Oda, Lechago, Silva, & Hunt, 2022)
  6.  Analyzing domestic violence behaviors in their contexts: Violence as a continuation of social strategies by other means (Guerin & Ortolan, 2017)
  7.  Behavior analysts’ training and practices regarding cultural diversity: The case for cultural competence  (Beaulieu et al., 2019)
  8.  Beyond “yes means yes”: A behavioral conceptualization of affirmative sexual consent (Sandoz et al., 2021)
  9.  B.F. Skinner’s radical behaviorism: Historical misconstructions and grounds for feminist reconstructions (Ruiz, 1995)
  10.  Black women and barriers to leadership in ABA (Cirincione-Ulezi, 2020)
  11.  Brazilian government strategies to protect women (Lira et al., 2021)
  12.  Compassionate care in behavior analytic treatment: Can outcomes be enhanced by attending to relationships with caregivers?  (Taylor et al., 2019)
  13.  Considering positionality: The ethics of conducting research with marginalized groups (Parson, 2019)
  14.  Cultural responsiveness in applied behavior analysis: Research and practice (Jimenez-Gomez & Beaulieu, 2022)
  15.  Culture always matters: Some thoughts on Rosenburg and Schwartz (Brodhead, 2019)
  16.  Cultural responsiveness in applied behavior analysis: Self-assessment (Beaulieu & Jimenez-Gomez, 2022)
  17.  Defining cultural competence: A practical framework for addressing racial/ethnic disparities in health and health care (Betancourt et al., 2003)
  18.  Demarginalizing the intersections of race and sex: A Black feminist critique of antidiscrimination doctrine, feminist theory, and antiracist politics (Crenshaw, 1989)
  19.  Encouraging multiculturalism and diversity within organizational behavior management (Akpapuna et al., 2020)
  20.  Guidance for behavior analysts in addressing racial implicit bias (Jaramillo & Nohelty, 2021)
  21.  Inconspicuous sources of behavioral control: The case of gendered practices (Ruiz, 2003)
  22.  Initiatives to address diversity, equity, and inclusion within a higher education ABA department (Hilton et al., 2021)
  23.  Intersectional feminism and behavior analysis (DeFelice & Diller, 2019)
  24.  Knowledge and politics of social change: The implication of anti-racism (Dei, 1999)
  25.  Language matters: Considering microaggressions in science (Harrison & Tanner, 2018)
  26.  Leading the charge: A look inside the behavior analysis in practice emergency series of publications on systemic racism and police brutality (Gingles et al., 2022)
  27.  Letter to the Editor: One perspective on diversity in ABA (Beene, 2019)
  28.  Participation of women in the journal of OBM: An update and extension (Gravina & Matey, 2019)
  29.  Pay equity in applied behavior analysis (Vance & Saini, 2022)
  30.  Perceptions of aggression are colored by gender roles (Borhart & Terrell, 2014)
  31.  Personal agency in feminist theory: Evicting the illusive dweller (Ruiz, 1998)
  32.  Professionalism as a racial construct (Goodridge, 2022)
  33.  Propensity to report intimate partner violence in Australia: Community demographics (Signal & Taylor, 2008)
  34.  Representation of women in behavior analysis: An empirical analysis (Nosik et al., 2019)
  35.  Review of multiculturalism and diversity in applied behavior analysis (Jimenez-Gomez & Beaulieu, 2022)
  36.  Science must overcome its racist legacy: Nature’s guest editors speak (Nobles et al., 2022)
  37.  Social justice is the spirit and aim of an applied science of human behavior: Moving from colonial to participatory research practices (Pritchett et al., 2021)
  38.  Solidarity: The role of non-black people of color in promoting racial equity (Li, 2021)
  39.  Systemic racism and cultural selection: A preliminary analysis of metacontingencies (Saini et al., 2020)
  40.  Teaching hygiene skills to young females with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability (Veazey et al., 2016)
  41.  Teaching women with intellectual disabilities to identify inappropriate interactions (Bollman & Davis, 2009)
  42.  The bias of ‘professionalism’ standards (Gray, 2019)
  43.  The future is female (and behavior analysis): A behavioral account of sexism and how behavior analysis is simultaneously part of the problem and solution (Baires & Koch, 2020)
  44.  The gender pay gap for behavior analysis faculty (Li et al., 2019)
  45.  The impact of career choice on the implicit gender-career bias among undergraduate Brazilian students (Moreira et al., 2021)
  46.  The training experiences of behavior analysts: Compassionate care and therapeutic relationships with caregivers (LeBlanc et al., 2020)
  47.  The treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals in behavior-analytic publications: A historical review (Morris et al., 2021)
  48.  The utility of a function-based approach to intimate partner violence and gender bias in family courts (Eilers, 2019)
  49.  There’s a policy for that: A comparison of the organizational culture of workplaces reporting incidents of sexual harassment (Hertzog et al., 2008)
  50.  Understanding stay/leave decisions in violent relationships: A behavior analytic approach (Bell & Naugle, 2005)
  51.  Values and morality: Science, faith, and feminist pragmatism (Ruiz, 2013)
  52.  Why WIBA? (Sundberg et al., 2019)
  53.  Women and welfare reform: How well can we fare without education? (Ruiz, 1998)


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