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Resource: Careers In Animal Enrichment
Outline of careers available to those interested in animal training and enrichment.
Resource: Certifications in Animal Enrichment and Behavior
Brief description and links to organizations that provide training and certification in animal training, animal enrichment, and animal behavior.
Resource: Graduate Training in Animal Behavior and Enrichment
Brief description of graduate training programs in animal behavior with links to the schools.
Resource: Animal Behavior - Article
Animal Behavior - Providing Enrichment at No Cost, Part II by Hilda Tresz, Arizona Trail Keeper, The Phoenix Zoo, Arizona
The Phoenix Zoo is currently housing three female wild-born Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) who came to us from other organizations with a variety of health and behavioral problems, some of which have been exasperated since arriving at our facility. Eac…
Resource: Providing Enrichment at No Cost, Part I
Animal Behavior article about Phoenix Zoo keepers who have invented more enrichment techniques, keeping our motto, behavioral enrichment at no cost
Resource: Providing Enrichment at No Cost, Part II
T he Phoenix Zoo is a private, non-tax- supported organization, which means we have to be very careful of how the budget is spent. The keepers feel responsible for helping the zoo in every way, including determining ways to decrease expenses, especially …
Resource: Training Two Coyotes (Canis latrans)
The Phoenix Zoo provides training and behavioral enrichment programs for its animals with the goals of elevating the welfare of the animals and engaging our guests. The behavioral management program utilizes keepers, interns, volunteers, docents and stude…
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