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Welcome to the section on environmental and green issues. This is a new section of our website dedicated to discovering behavioral solutions to the problems concerning reducing pollution, promoting sustainable environments, and conserving resources.

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ABAI 2012 Behavior Change for a Sustainable World Conference: Honorable Mention Poster Session Winner
Links to YouTube Video, Poster Presentation, photos and graph of Waste Audit at Stanley Middle School by the EarthTeam.
Tags: Green behavioral solutions, Stanley Middle School, waste management, sustainable living
Counter Cultural Paths to Sustainability, Presentation by Lyle Grant (YouTube Video)
Lyle Grant's presentation at the Association for Behavior Analysis Convention held in May, 2012, Seattle, Washington. "Counter Cultural Paths to Sustainability" was part of a symposium entitled "Behavior Analysis for a Sustainable World." "I and many others found this to be a very provocative and scholarly consideration of behavior related to cultural reinvention." Mark P. Alavosius, Ph.D., CCBS Trustee
Tags: Sustainability, behavioral change toward sustainability, behavior analysis, Lyle Grant
YouTube Video - Recycling a bottle, flashmob style.
Bill Heward, Ph.D. shared this inspiring YouTube video in his presentation Climate Change and the Global Need for Sustainable Practices: A World Full of Opportunity, Challenge, and Responsibility for Behavior Analysis:
Tags: Recyling, Sustainability

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