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Welcome to Behavioral Parenting! Our objective with this section is to provide concrete help to you in the difficult job of raising kids. This introduction will help you understand how behavior analysts view this challenge. If you thought that behaviorists offer a "one-size-fits-all" solution, guess again! An appreciation of Show More

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Applied Behavior Analysis and us: One parent's reflections on partnership and persuasion
Transcription of an address delivered at the 1999 Annual Board Meeting of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. The address was delivered by a parent of two children diagnosed with autism. Her address was intended to reinforce the valuable work performed by behavior analysts and to suggest improvements in transmission of behavior analytic work to the general public.
Tags: autism, aba, autism treatment, verbal behavior
Demands of a New Baby
This articles focuses on the importance of sharing the responsibilities of a new baby. Most of us believe that both parents should be dedicated to caring for their children. But other adults - aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends - can easily forget that they also share in that responsibility.
Excessive TV Time
Last week's Journal reported studies that show excessive TV time for children may affect their brains. I think most parents already suspected that. The studies also showed that the overstimulated little TV addicts had an increased likelihood of attention disorders in later childhood.
Tags: parenting, TV
Getting Along at School
This article relates to creating relationships at school. All grade school newcomers face these adjustments to being on their own. They develop new ways to fit in, get their measure of attention, and deal with a new school, new friends and sometimes new enemies. But many need to be taught the strategies of making friends, cooperating in a class, and working out problems with classmates.
Tags: parenting, school, education
Grumps, Fits and Tantrums
Editors note: This is the first in a series of three about emotional outbursts. When a child who regularly throws tantrums makes a request, parents need to be careful. As every parent knows, the decision to deny the request should not be altered by a tantrum, but often a less clear reaction gets parents into hotter water.
Tags: parenting, tantrums
Helping with School Skills
This article focuses on the importance of school and how to keep your children motivated and successful.Adults looking back on their childhood realize that school success was a critical ingredient of day-to-day happiness. If you can help your child/teen in this important part of his or her life, what a gift it is! School is such a large part of a teen's life that if it isn't going well, it clouds almost all other activities.
Tags: parenting, school, education
Magical Thinking
Today many students believe they might make it even to enormous financial success just by luck, or by skill in sports, or by knowing the right people. It's a possibility promoted by contests on TV and in the news. So without incentives to focus attention on the learning at hand, many students become victims of magical thinking about success, and they develop unrealistic views of how luck will carry them through.
Tags: parenting, school, sports
Management Styles in the Classroom
Nice, short overview of classroom management by Glenn Latham
Tags: classroom management, behavior, behavior analysis, education, special education
Mom and Dad Lead the Way in Lifetime Habits
Smoking rates in Children. Of the 3,000 kids who start smoking each day, about two-thirds have parents who smoke.
Tags: smoking, children
Parenting Styles by Dr. Roger McIntire
Parenting expert and behavior analyst Dr. Roger McIntire gives instantly helpful advice and behavioral solutions to common problems.
Tags: Parenting tips, Dr. Roger McIntire, behavioral solutions

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